About Me

I discovered the healing power of massage in my early 20s, after the fourth whiplash injury sustained while sitting in traffic at a red light and being rear-ended by non-observant drivers.Physical therapy and medications did not lend much progress and for a few years, I was unable to fully use my left arm.
My orthopedic doctor wanted to remove my first rib in order to alleviate the pressure angry muscles placed on certain nerves.The physicians I worked for advised against such surgery, telling me the surgery was rarely successful and could cause more problems.
Then, while on vacation, I had my first massage.The massage therapist helped me, more than anyone else had!Now, massage successfully manages my pain and range of motion issues, and flare-ups are rare and short-lived.
I wanted to be able to help people as I had been helped.With a lucrative position in the administrative side of a medical practice, it was hard to make the jump into a career change.
Finally I could resist no lon…